Agriculture in the Caribbean


It is estimate the Caribbean land area is collectively 235,667 km. With only 14 countries claiming independence from the effects of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.
The Caribbean can serve as the Kingdoms agriculture depot for the storage of large quantities of equipment, food, or some other commodity. Munitions and other long term military equipment shall not be stored on the islands with exception of any established Naval or Maritime agencies.
It is clear the purpose to explore the Americas was for spices, herbs, and plants that are not home to the Northern or North East part of the world.
Agriculture education is something that must be taught Kingdom wide in each respected independent State.
Education in addition to resources is key if we want to move our States out of the world’s Global Hunger Index.
In the modern world it is easy to get lost with technology and lose sight of the simplicity of things. While our ancestors did not have the modern day farming tools, they were still able to produce food to feed themselves. Dependence on nations for food has caused this handicap within our people across the globe.
1. Banana
2. Cotton
3. Corn
4. Rice
5. African palm
6. Sugar cane
7. Coffee
8. Yucca
9. Beans
10. Sorghum
11. Peppers
12. Pumpkin
13. Eggplant
14. Onion
15. Melon
16. Pepper
17. Cucumber
18. Watermelon
19. Millet
20. Tomato,
21. Pumpkin
22. Yam

The twenty two items listed above are foods that can be grown on the islands. Each island will select the crops of choice or that is proper for their elevation, and will be responsible for growing, exporting, and trade of that crop with other nations.

Each island should still build independent wealth separate from the United Kingdoms of Africa, and each island will be allowed to conduct trade with nations outside of the Kingdom whom have trade agreements with The United Kingdoms of Africa.
Surplus of crops are tradeable after exportation and importation of the resource to UKA States and those states have had an opportunity to decline shipment.

Implementation and Execution

This will be the biggest challenge, because it requires each State to accept the idea of a monarchy this will prolong the unity of the States.
While this is a challenge it is not impossible. Further details regarding the execution will require the input of the people of those islands, their congress and their heads of state.

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