coat of arms UKA

Royal Order # 2
History Correction and Archiving

Royal Order # 2 also known as RO2 directs the Kingdoms Department of Education
1. Begin archiving past verified events pertaining to or referencing all black/dark skinned former and current nations.
2. Reinvestigate all events that took place in North Africa pertaining to the Euro, Arab Chattel Slave trade with former African monarchies.
3. Construction of a digital database of all former artifacts and current.
4. Locate all monarchy treasures stolen from North, South, East, and Western African former monarchs, villages, towns, or cities.
5. Formation of the “Royal Committee of Historical Education”. The committee will be reasonable for maintaining the accuracy of our history past, and present within all forms of media and educational material distributed within the Kingdom and outside the Kingdoms territories.
6. Formation of the “Royal Library & Museum of Africa” the location must be accessible to all people within the United Kingdom, Digital Access she be provided to all of our Educational institutions.
7. Direct the RCHE (Royal Committee of Historical Education) to draft text as well as digital material in Bantu language, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. These are the languages within our Kingdom inherited by blood or slavery.

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