On November 24th 2021 using Instagram I posted the following and tagged Pope Francis (franciscus) the following message regarding  Now  General Jabari Osaze.


The message:

While your not responsible for the actions of those before you, you will be responsible moving forward. In separation of church and State the @statedept @whitehouse have no jurisdiction in our affairs pertaining to religion. (@theroyalfamily @ungeneva )

The original religion of those effected by orders your home issued continues to cause enormous damage across the globe.

While peace is the objective I want you to be publicly informed that @jabariosaze is the leader of the religion of all former North Africa and the original religions on the Continent prior to invasions. (@africanunion_officialpage , @moorish.world @canaanlandmoors )

@sa_neter record keeper of history for the Kingdom has enough evidence and witnesses to crimes committed against creation.

Peace @franciscus is the objective always has been. But those before you knew it was wrong when they did it, so they sold it to the children so they remain as hero’s vs villains and hypocrites.

Choose Pope : Global Warming or The book came to life ?

-King Of The Blacks
United Kingdom’s Of Africa


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